You Vs. The Vending Machine

It’s late afternoon, the workday is over halfway done, and you feel a familiar rumble. The salad you’d had for lunch wasn’t very satisfying, was it? So you gather your wallet or spare desk change, go down the hall, and amble right up to that backlit hurdle that separates the fit from the fit-ish: the vending machine.

Notice More Things

Eye fatigue from fixing your gaze on a lurid screen. Back cricks from the bad chair. Shivering from too much air-conditioning. Perfect numbness to the surroundings amid which you’ve spent far too many of your hours. You could wile away all your vacation days just counting all the ways it is possible to feel unpleasant…


Should You Upgrade Your Gym?

You’re not working out enough, and like any mature, self-aware person, you suspect it’s your gym’s fault, not your own. So you start browsing other options, but you’re also reluctant to shell out more cash. Though the employees pitching you on a shiny new gym will be trying to sell you a new “lifestyle” altogether, in…