Worrying Is Good For You, Which Is A Little Concerning

No matter how you slice it up, waiting sucks, especially when you’re waiting on important news. So how do you cope? Do you try to push bad feelings down via yoga breathing or canned champagne or whatever, or do you embrace the fact that the news might be bad? A new study says it’s better if you’re in the latter group.

There's a Reliable Therapy for Sex Offenders -- But Nobody Wants Them to Get It

In June of 1994, a convicted child molester named Charlie Taylor moved into a small apartment in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, across the street from a community center. He had no family. He had no parole officer. At the time, sex offenders deemed too dangerous to be let out of prison early were, paradoxically,…

Whole30 Is The Latest Diet Fad, But It Won't Be The Last

People will basically torture themselves in the name of getting slim. But you can’t call it the Torture Diet. So they call it “Paleo” or a “Juice Cleanse,” and bolster it with gimmicky claims about how it’s going to rid your body of toxins and make you a better, healthier, more spiritually balanced person. But in the…