The Ultimate Warrior Likes All But One Of Heath Ledger's Movies

If you're like me, your social and political outlook is heavily influenced by blogs written by former pro wrestlers. You may or may not remember The Ultimate Warrior (aka Brian James Hellwig), who retired from the WWF in 1997 after a contract dispute. To let you know what kind of guy we're dealing with here, just know… » 1/24/08 11:40am 1/24/08 11:40am

Phil Jackson Just Can't Quit You

Sure, Phil Jackson's post-game comments on Tuesday were controversial. But the cinematography was spectacular, and we say he deserves an Oscar. Wait, what? After losing to the Spurs on Tuesday, Jackson said "We call this a 'Brokeback Mountain' game because there's so much penetration and kickouts." Of course this… » 11/15/07 11:40am 11/15/07 11:40am