Soccer Analysts Find Many, Many Ways To Call The Japanese Short

On Sunday, the US Women take on Japan in the Women's World Cup Final. It will be a "tall order" for the Japanese, who have a "height disadvantage." Nay, a "major size disadvantage." The "small Japanese" will "lack height" against the Americans. But despite a match pitting "the smaller Japanese against a taller… »7/15/11 1:39pm7/15/11 1:39pm


Diamond DeShields Is A Six-Foot 16-Year-Old Who Can Dunk And Be Female At The Same Time

It's true that men and boys who are younger and shorter than Diamond DeShields dunk a lot, and that they don't automatically get national attention for it. We're promise we're aware of that. This isn't a Stern call for league integration, this is a basic call for appreciation of the fact that DeShields, a 16… »3/11/11 4:30pm3/11/11 4:30pm