Jersey-Eating Southern Miss Helmet Attaches To Arkansas Running Back

When Arkansas running back Alex Collins was tackled after a seven-yard run, he tried getting up and discovered a whole lot of unexpected weight to pull up. That's because Ed Wilkins's helmet somehow latched on to his jersey and would not let go, connecting both players in a weird two-person horse costume sans horse… »9/14/13 2:45pm9/14/13 2:45pm

Pitchers Will Soon Be Able To Protect Their Brains With Wholly-Nerdy Half-Helmets

Last year, a high school pitcher named Gunnar Sandberg was struck directly in the head with a line drive to the pitchers mound. He was in a medically-induced coma for a month following the incident. This week, Easton-Bell released the first helmet specially designed for pitchers, known in-house as "The Dome." Sandberg… »3/08/11 2:35pm3/08/11 2:35pm