Math! Says Hero Ball Doesn't Work

Some interesting research from the TrueHoop gang today, meant to address the non-flop-related issue of the 2012 playoffs: Who should be taking those crucial last shots? If the choice is between a covered superstar and an open non-superstar, the numbers say: give it to the open man. » 6/05/12 3:35pm 6/05/12 3:35pm

Carmelo Anthony And The Promise Of Hero Ball

It's April, and Carmelo Anthony owns New York again. How could he not, after Anthony scored 43 points, including threes for the equalizer in regulation and the winner in overtime, and the Knicks absolutely stole a game from a possible playoff opponent in the Bulls? The love-in has begun, and the narrative is simple:… » 4/09/12 10:35am 4/09/12 10:35am