Former Georgetown Coach John Thompson Doesn't Know What Herpes Is…

Here's a clip from yesterday's John Thompson Show on ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C., during which a discussion of Ryan Braun's PED incident took place. (Deadspin edited about a minute from the discussion for brevity.) The program quickly moves onto a new topic once Thompson mentions that he doesn't know what herpes is… » 1/19/12 3:10pm 1/19/12 3:10pm

York College Wrestlers Are 0-3 Against Herpes

When I get herpes I want it to be from a traditional source like a bathroom doorknob or Paris Hilton, not a college wrestler. And certainly not a college wrestler from a division III school. No offense to York College of Pennsylvania, which has a prestigious wrestling program, and also sells "York College Football"… » 11/20/08 10:15am 11/20/08 10:15am

The Loneliest Boy In Rural Nebraska

So, remember the story about the Minnesota State Athletic Association canceling a week's of wrestling matches because of an outbreak of herpes? (You might remember it more for our "don't Google Image search 'herpes'" warning, which still stands.) Well, it turns out that they've isolated the Patient Zero of the epidemic.… » 2/01/07 10:00am 2/01/07 10:00am