Hideki Matsui To Announce Retirement, Will Have Plenty Of Time To Enjoy His Massive Porn Collection

According to multiple reports, former Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui is set to announce his retirement from baseball. Matsui played seven seasons with the Yankees before making one-year stops with the Angels, Athletics, and Rays. He will always be remembered for collecting big hits in Game 6 of the 2003 ALCS and… » 12/27/12 4:15pm 12/27/12 4:15pm

Japan Is Still Nutso About Hideki Matsui

This is the pregame media scrum around Hideki Matsui, who was called up from Triple-A and will make his Rays debut in St. Petersburg tonight. The spectacle of Japanese fellows swarming their prey with cameras and notebooks is not a new one, and it's something we've come to expect every time a new NPB import comes along » 5/29/12 6:15pm 5/29/12 6:15pm