High School Coach Now Regrets Letting His Pitcher Throw 194 Pitches

On Tuesday, Dylan Fosnacht of Rochester (Wash.) high went 14+ innings, striking out 17 batters and finishing the afternoon with a pitch count of 194. In a year where a disturbing numbers of MLB's best young arms are going in for ligament replacement surgery, Fosnacht's undeniable accomplishment is being tempered with… »5/15/14 1:18pm5/15/14 1:18pm

High School Umpire Orders Players To Stop Speaking Spanish

Gadsden (N.M.) High School is in a district where 97 percent of the students are Hispanic, so members of the Panthers baseball team are used to speaking to each other in Spanish. But in a game on Tuesday, they were told to cut it out by an umpire who threatened to eject anyone who spoke anything but English on the… »4/12/13 4:43pm4/12/13 4:43pm

High School Baseball Team's Hazing Ritual Allegedly Involves Biting Each Other

Is there a better way to promote team character and camaraderie than by sinking one's teeth into the flesh of a younger member of the program? How about having several teammates take part in chomping down on the newbie? How about biting hard enough "to break the skin"? Yeah. That's it. Now we're talking. That's how… »4/09/13 2:25pm4/09/13 2:25pm

Memorial Tournament Means Chance To Brawl For High School Baseball Teams In Chicago [UPDATED]

The Chicago Sun-Times says what you see in the video above we've been asked to take down because of a copyright claim is what ensued with one out in the bottom of the seventh inning last Friday, when St. Laurence and St. Rita played one another in a tournament named for another player from the Chicago Catholic League… »5/22/12 7:15pm5/22/12 7:15pm