Cop Trips High School Kids Rushing Field To Celebrate State Title Win

At the eight second mark of this video, you can see a dude in pink shorts and a visor in the lower right corner go sprawling to the ground. He was clearly tripped and when he turned around he saw Georgetown police officer George Bermudez staring down at him. » 4/21/14 11:41pm 4/21/14 11:41pm

Last-Second 40-Yard Goal Sends HS Soccer Team To District Finals

With the score knotted at a goal apiece and the overtime clock dwindling, Aurora (Ohio) High School's Trever Wendel kicked a might-as-well prayer from about 40 yards out. Somehow it cleared the goalie and ducked the bar, and Aurora was off to the district finals. » 10/26/13 3:03pm 10/26/13 3:03pm

Players, Fans, Coaches And Everyone Else In Maple Grove, Minnesota Got…

Totino Grace and Prairie Seeds, two longtime rivals and high-ranking teams in the world of Minnesota high school soccer, came together last night to decide who would move on to the state tournament (it would be Prairie Seeds, which won the match 2-1), and also to whale on each other indiscriminately. » 10/20/12 4:00pm 10/20/12 4:00pm

High School Girl Charged With Assault After Brutal Soccer Beatdown

Throw out the formalities when Lewisville and Chester get together, that's what I always say. The South Carolina schools met for a women's soccer match Monday evening, and it ended with the police being called. That New Mexico-BYU game has nothing on this one. » 3/30/12 9:50am 3/30/12 9:50am

Three Stooges Diversion Makes For Soccer's Greatest Set Piece

We're just seeing this now, but it needs to be seen. It's a brilliant piece of misdirection, and if I were on the victimized team, I'd want to kick someone's shins. [via Fark] » 5/19/11 2:10pm 5/19/11 2:10pm

Fight Makes High School Soccer Playoffs Watchable, Gets Parent Arrested

Last Friday's Burlington-Essex soccer game was marred when an Essex parent, Mirko Samardzic, fought a Burlington high school official. Between the racism and the public brawls, Vermont truly is the Mississippi of places you can go skiing. [Burlington Free Press] » 11/05/10 5:35pm 11/05/10 5:35pm