Nine High School Wrestlers Arrested For Hazing Incident Involving "Digital Penetration"

Sahuarita High School, outside of Tucson, Ariz., is down most of its wrestling team. Nine wrestlers have been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault in connection with an apparent hazing incident last week, which they unwisely pulled off in a full locker room with plenty of witnesses. »1/23/13 12:40pm1/23/13 12:40pm

Massive Gym Light Fixture Falls Directly On High School Wrestler

"Madison Square Garden" is a big deal for the Madison (S.D.) Bulldogs—an annual wrestling triangular, featuring "one of the most unique atmosphere's in the state for a dual. A packed gym, ridiculously loud music played at ever stop in the action, one big light over the mat, 1000 glow sticks, stats in prom dresses,… »1/21/13 9:35am1/21/13 9:35am

One Of Massachusetts's Best High School Wrestlers Is A Girl

Unlike a girl in Iowa last year, who competed mostly against girls before becoming the first to win a state tournament match because her male opponent refused to face her, North Andover's Danielle Coughlin is taking on the boys—and beating them. She's currently ranked sixth in the state in the 106-pound weight class… »1/12/12 11:15am1/12/12 11:15am

Cassy Herkelman Is The Bigger Person In The 112-Pound Weight Class

This week, a God-fearin' home-schooled young man named Joel Northrup refused to face Cassy Herkelman in the ring because his faith doesn't allow men wrasslin' ladies. In a statement issued by his host school (because public high school athletic departments in Iowa have public relations experts?), Northrup explained… »2/18/11 7:30pm2/18/11 7:30pm