Liverpool Defeat Middlesbrough 14-13 On Penalties

Yes, the headline is accurate. Liverpool defeated Championship side Middlesbrough 14-13 on penalties Tuesday to advance to the fourth round of the League Cup. Liverpool took leads of 1-0 and 2-1 but were pegged back twice, the second time in the 123rd minute of play after Kolo Touré's ill-advised tackle in the box… »9/23/14 9:25pm9/23/14 9:25pm

Allen Iverson Finally Obeys Laws Of Nature, Officially Retires

Allen Iverson made his retirement official today, even though it's hard to know how, exactly, to define such a thing for him. Iverson, now 38, was never a professional basketball player so much as he was, foremost, an object in motion, tending always to stay in motion. If Iverson can be said to retire, then a… »10/30/13 9:54pm10/30/13 9:54pm

Tony La Russa's Tortured, Petulant Justification For Plunking Ryan Braun, As Read By A 4-Year-Old Boy

You can watch Tony La Russa try and fail to justify himself — he cycles through logical fallacies as if they were middle relievers in a 5-4 ballgame against the Reds — or you can watch young Mack Scocca-Ho capture the essence of La Russa's monologue in the video above. »8/04/11 12:40pm8/04/11 12:40pm

These Adorable Kids Are Going To Take Down MLB's Iron-Fisted Video Regime, But We Still Need Your Help

The MLB video war continues, quietly, even though we've kind of been actively ignoring one another for some time now. We received a lot of initial interest in our plan to take down the iron-fisted video regime, but then I guess it rained everywhere in America for two weeks and everyone's practice was canceled and… »5/06/11 7:40pm5/06/11 7:40pm

MLB Won't Let Us Show You Travis Snider Breaking His Bat Over His Knee, So Here's A Fucking Drawing I Did Instead

Travis Snider struck out with the bases loaded in the sixth against the Yankees yesterday and Bo Jacksoned his bat in two. It was pretty cool, especially considering that Snider went on to win the game with a two-out double in the 10th. As you know, we can't show you the video, lest we step on MLB's god-given right to… »4/20/11 5:55pm4/20/11 5:55pm

Help Us Subvert MLB Video: Submit Your Highlights To Become The Official Team Deadspin

We're truly inspired by how many of you are interested in mocking the MLB video policy by reenacting its highlights each week. We've heard from volunteers from T-ball teams, high school teams, plenty of "beer-drinking softball teams," and one from a guy who isn't "allowed within 200 yards of a school," but who runs a… »4/18/11 4:45pm4/18/11 4:45pm

We Need Youth Baseball Teams To Reenact MLB Highlights For Us Because MLB Hates Its Fans (And Probably Children, Too)

We've been playing a fun game with the MLB video team for the past few weeks. It goes something like this: We post a highlight video from a game; they promptly email us with an informal cease-and-desist note; we take down the video and complain about it. »4/18/11 1:40pm4/18/11 1:40pm

MLB Won't Let Us Show You Video Of Justin Verlander's Amusing Balk, So Here's A Fucking Drawing I Did Instead

Justin Verlander had a weird little blooper against the A's on Saturday wherein he stepped off the rubber as if to throw to first but wound up going home anyway, nearly plunking David DeJesus in the process. It was funny. We'd show you the video, but if we did Major League Baseball would get its crinoline in a bunch… »4/18/11 1:11pm4/18/11 1:11pm