Kyle Turley: "Suicidal And Homicidal Tendencies Became A Part Of My Daily Living"

Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley appeared on Highly Questionable today to push for more research into the usage of marijuana to treat football injuries, instead of pharmaceuticals. Since he retired in 2007, Turley has been quite outspoken about the damaging health effects of football. He was interviewed at… »11/05/15 8:18pm11/05/15 8:18pm


Herschel Walker Says He Played Russian Roulette "More Than Once"

Former NFL player and MMA fighter Herschel Walker stopped by Highly Questionable today to talk about his playing career and other topics, and Dan Le Batard brought up the story that Walker once played Russian roulette at his lowest point after his football days. Walker clarified that the game happened “more than once.” »6/18/15 11:45pm6/18/15 11:45pm

Rejoice! Alonzo Mourning Says "Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?" Happened!

Today is a great day! It's been almost a year since Dikembe Mutombo went on Highly Questionable and shot down one of the greatest urban legends in sports, denying that he ever walked into a club and shouted, "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" Today, those of us who have held on to the hope that Mutombo was lying have been… »3/26/15 5:39pm3/26/15 5:39pm