British Comedian Almost Sneaks On Team England's World Cup Plane

Simon Brodkin is a British actor/comedian/prankster who plays, among other characters, a soccer player named Jason Bent. Brodkin, dressed in character as Bent, got amongst team England on a private tarmac at Luton Airport and tried to board the plane the squad was taking to Miami as they begin training for the World… »6/01/14 7:20pm6/01/14 7:20pm


Panthers Lineman Hits Cam Newton With A Fantastic Videobomb

Usually, the mark of a good videobomb is its subtlety, but Panthers lineman Jordan Gross is proof that the art form can also be deployed with a more overt sensibility. Gross's frantic jig was enough to get Cam Newton to forget the question that he had just been asked, so we'll call this videobomb an overall success.… »5/29/13 3:27pm5/29/13 3:27pm

Jason Pierre-Paul Dumps Prince Amukamara Into An Ice Bath, Sports Writer Loses His Ever-Loving Mind

I wish I could tell you this video, that ProFootballTalk posted during the Giants thrashing of the Jets is cause for "concern" in the New York Giants "locker room." Nothing would make me happier than to sit here and pound out a paragraph that suggests the Giants are on the verge of a team meltdown because Jason… »8/19/12 4:00pm8/19/12 4:00pm

According To Nathan Horton's Wife, The Stanley Cup Was Lost In Boston Yesterday

The Stanley Cup itself excites us in ways no other sports trophy does. Some of that comes from its versatility: One can eat and drink from it. Some of that comes from its uniqueness: There's a new Lombardi Trophy every year, but there's only one Cup. And the winning team's players get to take that one cup and do… »7/17/11 3:30pm7/17/11 3:30pm