Manchester United Fans Chanted "Murderers" At Liverpool In The First Match At Anfield After The Hillsborough Report

Yesterday's match, a controversial 2-1 loss to United, was Liverpool's first time back at Anfield since the release of the Hillsborough Independent Panel's findings. The report absolved Reds supporters of any blame in the 1989 stampede that killed 96 fans, and the day was sure to be an emotional one. It was, at the… »9/24/12 9:45am9/24/12 9:45am


Three Arrested, Six Ejected At FA Youth Cup; Remaining Man U Fans Chant About Terrible Disasters

Liverpool and Manchester United played in the annual FA Youth Cup on Sunday. United came back from two goals down to win, 3-2. The other final count at Anfield: three fans arrested for drunkenness, six ejected for what was likely more controlled drunkenness, and reports that a section of United fans chanted and sang… »3/14/11 1:00pm3/14/11 1:00pm