Hines Ward Likes To Pay For Sex With Women, According To Man Charged With Trying To Extort Hines Ward

A man who claimed to have evidence that retired Steelers receiver Hines Ward has a thing for soliciting prostitutes was arrested on extortion charges Thursday in Pittsburgh. The man, Joshua Van Auker, allegedly texted Ward's personal assistant on Wednesday with a threat to go public with whatever info he had. Van… »10/19/12 2:15pm10/19/12 2:15pm


Now That He's Retired, Hines Ward's Biggest Opponent Might Be His Brain

When Hines Ward announced his retirement Tuesday, the focus was almost entirely on his extraordinary achievements, on his emotions, on his loyalty to the Pittsburgh Steelers, with whom he had spent all 14 of his NFL seasons (never mind Ward's vow to play elsewhere after the Steelers announced their intention to… »3/21/12 7:25pm3/21/12 7:25pm

Hines Ward Is Done In Pittsburgh, And That Seems Strange

Hines Ward built his entire NFL career in Pittsburgh, which ended this afternoon with his official release, by overcoming perceived slights. Drafted out of Georgia in the third round in 1998, he spent most of his rookie season on special teams, only to watch as the franchise picked Troy Edwards in the first round the… »2/29/12 8:10pm2/29/12 8:10pm

Breaking Down The Football In The Dark Knight Rises

It's nerd Christmas, as the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was released today to the orgiastic squeals of the internet. There's plenty to take in: Bane's unintelligible speech, Anne Hathaway's vie to become the first woman since Michelle Pfeiffer to actually add something to a superhero movie—but we being sports… »12/19/11 4:00pm12/19/11 4:00pm

Hines Ward, NFL's Dirtiest Player And Dancer, Almost Paralyzed His Tango Partner This Week

Hines Ward unintentionally body-slammed his partner, Kym Johnson, during a rehearsal for the show Dancing With The Stars last week. She suffered a sprained vertebrae and returned for what could only have been an "emotional" and "teary" and "inspiring" performance with Ward — and, having survived a full-on hit from… »5/17/11 2:15pm5/17/11 2:15pm

Dance Show Contestant Hines Ward Sees Nothing Newsworthy About Getting Cuffed At Gunpoint Today

Hines Ward, who guest blogs about Dancing With The Stars for the Los Angeles Times, was driving home from a late dinner through North Hollywood early this morning when he "was briefly detained at gunpoint in a mix-up over a reported stolen car." Seems as if his ladyfriend (or friend who happens to be a lady) told… »5/05/11 9:30pm5/05/11 9:30pm