The History Of New York Hip-Hop In One Packed Map

As part of their ambitious 100 Years of New York Music coverage, New York magazine commissioned Sarah King—known for her dense, typographical illustrations—to make a map of notable hip-hop landmarks in the city. Check out 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, which may be the "birthplace of Hip-Hop," and the Stapleton… » 3/28/14 2:43pm 3/28/14 2:43pm

World's Best Anchor Fills Sportscast With Hip Hop References

Remember Adam Lefkoe, the guy who ingeniously slipped a bunch of wrestling references into his sportscast earlier this month? He topped himself this past Sunday by squeezing 46(!) classic hip hop references into his five-minute segment. Be sure to stick around for the well-earned mic drop at the end. » 9/18/13 9:43am 9/18/13 9:43am

Wale Made A Song For RGIII

When we last checked in with D.C. rapper Wale, he was beefing with Toronto Raptors play-by-play man Matt Devlin, and we were laughing at the silliness of the beef. But Wale is spending his time more constructively these days, and recorded a song for the upcoming documentary about Robert Griffin III's return from… » 8/22/13 10:21am 8/22/13 10:21am

Ice Cube Had Some Not-So-Nice Things To Say About Dwight Howard

Ice Cube, a popular Coors Light pitchman and former member of NWA, is a big fan of the Lakers, so it's not surprising that he's not too fond of Dwight Howard right now. During a show on Sunday night, Ice Cube took some time out of his performance to talk some shit about Howard, and he did not hold anything back! » 7/09/13 9:35am 7/09/13 9:35am

Now A High School Football Coach, Luther Campbell Is As Boring As He…

The New York Times caught up with former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell, who now coaches defense for a high school football team in the same Miami neighborhood in which he grew up. Among the revelations: Campbell might have five children with five different women, but he's now married to a lawyer and raising a… » 11/06/12 3:40pm 11/06/12 3:40pm

Molesty Sixers Mascot Needs Somebody Inside Him

We're just going to assume that B. Franklin Dogg is going to win the fan vote to become the next 76ers mascot, because his bedroom eyes and S&M collar make us laugh every time. He's McGruff, the Sex Crime Dog. "Hey kids! B. Franklin Dogg's van is full of candy!" » 12/14/11 5:35pm 12/14/11 5:35pm

The Only Thing Worse Than A Drake Song Is A DeJuan Blair Cover Of A…

Unlike his NBA brethren, who are working at the local Home Depots, assistant coaching at Division I schools, and throwing down in local leagues, Spurs forward DeJuan Blair is apparently spending his extended off-season recording covers of terrible pop songs that are a mere two months old. » 8/22/11 5:45pm 8/22/11 5:45pm

Remembering The Time Shaq And Nate Dogg "Made Paper And Footprints In…

There was no shortage of tributes to the late great G-funk singer Nate Dogg today — he died in Los Angeles on Tuesday at the age of 41 — but we haven't yet seen this music video posted. The song, "Connected," was made for Shaq's never-released 2001 album, Shaquille O'Neal Presents His Superfriends, Vol. 1. There are a… » 3/16/11 7:40pm 3/16/11 7:40pm

This Wu-Tang Clan Super Game Boy Commercial Was Banned For Being "Too…

In 1993, members of the Wu-Tang Clan produced a 40-second spot for Nintendo's Super Game Boy. Filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1993, it featured a beat by Prince Paul, voice-over from RZA and ODB, and a work of graffiti from the COD Crew. A member of COD found the old video and uploaded it to Vimeo a few weeks ago. … » 3/10/11 7:45pm 3/10/11 7:45pm