Make Hitler Happy: The Beginning of Mein Kampf, as Told by Coca-Cola

"Make it happy!" Coca-Cola's new marketing campaign exhorts. The campaign, introduced during a Super Bowl commercial, is accompanied by a stunt through which Twitter users reply to negative tweets with the hashtag "#MakeItHappy"; Coca-Cola then transforms those tweets into cute ASCII art. "We turned the hate you found… »2/04/15 11:15am

There Was At Least One Sign Depicting Roger Goodell As Hitler At The Superdome Yesterday

Roger Goodell temporarily may have lost his battle to suspend the Bounty Four, but he's still winning in his fight to become New Orleans's most hated man since Mike Brown. Here he is, helpfully adorned, on at least one placard. (We don't know if there were several of these things at the game Sunday. Yes, different… »9/10/12 5:20pm

Hank Williams Jr. Has Recorded A Rollicking Obama/Fox & Friends/ESPN Diss Track Called "Keep The Change" (Updated)

You know what's inherently lame? Country music battle songs. In aggressive country music battles, the only gauge for how "bad" someone is is how angrily they can say "America" or "U.S.A." while still maintaining a legitimate twang. Nevertheless, disgraced "Are You Ready For Some Football?" singer Hank Williams Jr.… »10/10/11 4:43pm

ESPN Cuts Ties With Hank Williams Jr., Which Is Like The Nazis Breaking Their Non-Aggression Pact With The Soviets

Says ESPN, regarding Hank's analogizin' the other day on Fox and Friends: "We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams, Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue." »10/06/11 10:43am