Patrick Kaleta Deserves A Long, Unpaid Vacation For This Hit From Behind

Noted Buffalo dirtball Patrick Kaleta has been somewhat quiet recently—slipping all the way to a career-low 10th on the most-hated players list, but he's angling to get back among the leaders after this brutal cross-check that sent New York's Brad Richards headfirst into the boards. » 3/04/13 10:15am 3/04/13 10:15am

Gros Coup De Hach À Deux Mains Is French For This Terrifying Two-Handed Hockey Slash

http://youtu.be/inncr93Uio A fight broke out at a Quebec "beer league" in the north shore of Montreal last week, and it escalated until a player brought down a logger-style two-handed hockey slash over his opponent's head. JT from 25Stanley.com writes that the league is not pro, and "not even close to [being]… » 4/05/11 5:30pm 4/05/11 5:30pm