Fired Junior Hockey Coaches Rehired After Entire Team Quits In Protest

Parents of youth athletes are notorious for carping about how little playing time precious Madison and Hunter are receiving, complaining to the coach and yelling from the stands. But rarely does a parent own the team their kid plays on, and even more rarely do they fire the entire coaching staff to get them more run.… »11/09/15 8:37pm11/09/15 8:37pm


"Way To Go, Paul": Hulk-Like Hockey Parent Breaks Glass With Slap 

Look, I'm going to play this one straight: I know absolutely nothing about this video. It was tweeted at us from an unknown Twitter account, has almost no description, and was posted by a seemingly normal YouTube account that has been around for five years. I cannot find any other trace of it on the internet. But… »1/22/15 12:35am1/22/15 12:35am

Hey Look, Some Hockey Parents Decided To Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other

When we last took a dip into the world of rage-y hockey parents, we saw a guy cheer the injury of a child before making violent threats toward another spectator, all while holding an infant in his arms. Today, we get to watch an entire group of angry hockey parents (dads and moms!) lose all sense of decency and start… »3/25/13 6:09pm3/25/13 6:09pm

The Hockey Dad Who Recently Heckled Teenagers While Holding An Infant Fired An Employee For Tending To A Shooting Victim 10 Years Ago

This past week, we brought you video of a Manitoba hockey dad who called one 15-year old player "a midget" and subsequently threatened that player's father, all while holding an infant. (Sadly, the video is private now.) Then we brought you the news that the angry hockey dad, identified as Jason Boyd, also cheered… »2/16/13 5:00pm2/16/13 5:00pm

Hockey Dad Who Heckled Child, Made Threats While Holding Infant Reportedly Also Cheered When Kid Got Hurt

Father of the Year candidate Jason Boyd, whose caught-on-video outburst at a youth hockey game in Winnipeg we told you about yesterday, didn't just stop at calling a player "a midget" before threatening the boy's father, all while also holding a child in his arms. Nope. Boyd's behavior allegedly got even worse. He's… »2/15/13 12:15pm2/15/13 12:15pm

Hockey Dad Heckles Children, Makes Violent Threats While Holding His Infant Child

The worst thing about little league sports will always be what it does to the players' parents. There is just something about children playing sports that draws out the darkest parts of the adult soul. Case in point: the madman in the video above who shouts, "He's a midget!" at a child who is trying to play hockey,… »2/14/13 6:00pm2/14/13 6:00pm