Brutal Hockey Fight Ends With A High Five And A Hug

This is a hockey fight happened in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, a semi-pro league that we last checked in on when a guy got his face slashed open by a skate. The fight begins with Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch pummeling the crap out of each other while heavy metal music plays throughout the arena, and it ends… » 3/13/14 10:31am 3/13/14 10:31am

Douchebaggery Runs Deep In The Roy Family

You may remember last spring when we told you about » 11/23/08 7:00pm 11/23/08 7:00pm the on-ice antics of Patrick Roy's son Jonathan, forcing a seemingly innocent opposing goalie into a fight. Well it looks like both of Roy's sons got the psycho gene. His other offspring, Frédérick, was caught cross-checking an opponent during a brawl. Except…