Hey Look, Some Hockey Parents Decided To Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other

When we last took a dip into the world of rage-y hockey parents, we saw a guy cheer the injury of a child before making violent threats toward another spectator, all while holding an infant in his arms. Today, we get to watch an entire group of angry hockey parents (dads and moms!) lose all sense of decency and start… » 3/25/13 6:09pm 3/25/13 6:09pm

Hockey Mom Begins Conquest To Kill All Goalies

Now sure, the McCain/Palin campaign have had their hardships over the past few weeks with some bad PR issue - who doesn't » 10/25/08 10:30am 10/25/08 10:30am spend $150,000 on their wardrobe? - but until last night we didn't have At the most recent Palin puck-dropping ceremony in St. Louis, the vice presidential candidate made sure that Blues goalie…