Four Holes-In-One In One Day, On One Course? A Dirty Lie, And The Hoaxed Reporter Is Furious.

I'm the cynical and also jealous sort, so when I see a story in the paper about some 10-year-old kid or cancer survivor or 98-year-old lady hitting a hole-in-one, I automatically think, liar. No you didn't. Stop lying to the newspaper, you goddamned liar. This is a personal failing on my part, but you must admit: a… »8/27/12 1:55pm8/27/12 1:55pm

High Schoolers Hit Holes-In-One On The Same Hole Within Minutes Of Each Other Thanks To The Cart Path Bounce

If you've ever played one of the various iterations of the Tiger Woods video game, perhaps you know the power of the cart path. Or, you know, if you ever make it outside you may have seen the crazy acceleration a golf ball has when bouncing off pavement. Either way, the cart path has special powers. After hitting… »4/14/12 3:00pm4/14/12 3:00pm

Nuggets Fan Celebrates Hole-in-One with J.R. Smith In His Foursome

Yep, just your run of the mill, guy goes golfing with a 22 year old NBA player who went to the league straight from high school and hits a hole-in-one story »9/15/08 4:00pm9/15/08 4:00pm. Our epic tale begins when our narrator, Mike Wolf, and his neighbor head out to the public course and find out that J.R. Smith has been assigned to their…