Do Not Taunt The Holley Mangold

Last week,'s Greg Garber brought the ballad of Holley Mangold to the unwashed masses, describing how her high school team lost in the Ohio Division III championship game, to Steubenville. Mangold played only on a few point-after attempts, so she can't be blamed for the loss. » 12/05/06 11:45am 12/05/06 11:45am

"You Get To Hit Somebody And You See Them Fall Over"

Considering how it went last time we brought this up, we are extremely hesitant to do it again ... and as we do so, we remind you that this woman — girl, actually — is 16 years old and should probably be considered that way ... » 8/25/06 11:00am 8/25/06 11:00am