Holly Rowe Conducts Postgame Interview From Atop Scorer's Table

Kansas State upset rival Kansas in overtime tonight, leading to a court-storming at Bramlage Coliseum that left ESPN reporter Holly Rowe with nowhere to go—so she joined the Wildcats atop the scorer's table, and conducted her postgame interview there. » 2/10/14 11:48pm 2/10/14 11:48pm

Brent Musburger Closed Out Tonight's Broadcast By Saying Holly Rowe…

At this point, you just have to hand it to veteran ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger. Not only did he let the Katherine Webb controversy just roll off his shoulder, he had enough of the mojo left in him to continue the mackin' brigade. Here's his closing comments from tonight's Baylor-Kansas game, in which he refers… » 1/14/13 11:22pm 1/14/13 11:22pm

Bonnie Bernstein Defends Holly Rowe's Sharp Elbows

We all got a kick out of watching Holly Rowe bust out the sharp elbows to establish her turf after last week's Sugar Bowl. We were amused again to discover it wasn't the first time Rowe had thrown around some muscle in the name of postgame journalism. But there's a reason Rowe does this, and it's not simply because… » 1/12/12 3:15pm 1/12/12 3:15pm

Holly Rowe's Been In The Interview-Muscle Racket For Years

We brought you video last week of Holly Rowe giving the Worldwide Leader's Elbow to an as-yet-unidentified reporter after the Sugar Bowl. It's no secret Rowe can be aggressive in protecting her employer's interests (ESPN uses its own monetary muscle to shut out other media outlets from the best post-game interviews)… » 1/09/12 11:30am 1/09/12 11:30am

Holly Rowe Will Beat Up Anyone Who Tries To Steal Her Interview

Holly Rowe wasn't going to let anyone get between her and the post-Sugar Bowl interview with the winning coach, Michigan's Brady Hoke. That includes the Detroit News' Angelique Chengelis somebody who is not Angelique Chengelis, who came out on the wrong end of Rowe's elbow. [ESPN] » 1/04/12 12:25am 1/04/12 12:25am