The Lebowskis Who Might Have Been: Behind The Scenes With The Coens

When I was 25 I got a job with the Coen brothers. I'd worked on three movies as an apprentice film editor and got a gig with them as a personal assistant when they made The Big Lebowski. I was with them for a year, from before pre-production through post-production (when they edited the movie, I transitioned from… »7/23/14 2:52pm7/23/14 2:52pm

Gawker Media Greenlights Defamer Reboot; Ankled Exec to Helm

Does anyone remember Beejoli Shah? She was the former GENERATE media employee whose toes were once slurped by director Quentin Tarantino after the two met at a party in The Hills a couple of years ago. The reason some of you may know this is because Beejoli sent a graphic play-by-play of the toe-coital encounter in an… »6/11/13 6:45pm6/11/13 6:45pm

Bob Kraft's Girlfriend Didn't Get The Part In That Movie, Despite Her Weird Bikini Audition

It's important to remind everyone that Ricki Lander's audition for The Internship did not require a bikini, nor playing off a 71-year-old man, but she thought it would better her chances to include both. All for naught, as the part of Marielena went to someone else, an actual professional actress. »7/26/12 4:10pm7/26/12 4:10pm

Jon Hamm To Star In That Disney Movie About Those Pitchers From India The Pirates Signed

According to Deadline Hollywood, the Mad Men star and former Deadspin commenter will play a leading role in the upcoming Disney treatment of Million Dollar Arm. Hamm will play J.B. Bernstein, the real-life sports agent who "discovered" Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel and got them deals with the Pittsburgh Pirates a few… »5/10/12 10:45am5/10/12 10:45am

MMA Sexpot Gina Carano Is Starring In A Soderbergh Movie With A Bunch Of Real Actors

A lot of female MMA fighters don't like Gina Carano because they don't look like Gina Carano. Well, shoot. The world ain't fair. Carano hasn't fought in over two years, when she got the bejeezus beat out of her by Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. Yet Carano has leveraged her pretty face into a pretty sweet movie gig,… »7/25/11 2:15pm7/25/11 2:15pm

Rinku And Dinesh Are Coming To A Crappy Disney Movie Near You

Disney has hired screenwriter Tom McCarthy to write the script for "Million Dollar Arm," the inspiring story of two young Indian men who won a reality show and then got signed by the most miserable team in the major leagues. Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel requested in 2009 that we not equate their storyline with Slumdog… »2/11/11 1:00pm2/11/11 1:00pm