A Fire On The 7 Train Strands Crowds Leaving Home Run Derby

According to various reports from Twitter users leaving the Home Run Derby at Citi Field, there is a fire somewhere on the 7 train line—initial reports indicate there is an investigation at the 103rd street stop—and it isn't running. The 7 is the only subway that services Citi Field. There are obviously buses and the… » 7/15/13 11:16pm 7/15/13 11:16pm

People Were Angry About ESPN's Bilingual Interviews Of Cuban Players

It's growing increasingly predictable that whenever the Spanish language appears on ESPN, angry responses are sure to come from viewers. That happened again tonight, when Pedro Gomez conducted bilingual interviews with Aroldis Chapman and Yoenis Céspedes and the Worldwide Leader received this kind of feedback: » 7/15/13 9:30pm 7/15/13 9:30pm

Bud Selig Is Not Against Change, Just Change That Matters

We've had a busy week around here and things were bound to fall through the cracks. So, I hope you don't mind if we take a spin in the Wayback Machine to Tuesday last so we can talk about your favorite doofus uncle, Bud Selig. Great, thanks. » 7/14/12 2:20pm 7/14/12 2:20pm

MLB's Plan To Drain Every Last Ounce Of Fun From The Home Run Derby…

Kansas City Royals fans were pissed off that Robinson Cano didn't pick Billy Butler for the Home Run Derby, so they booed him. Mercilessly. And each time he failed to hit a home run, compared to the zero times he successfully did, they cheered him. (Burke went ahead and isolated the crowd audio, so you can check that… » 7/11/12 12:10am 7/11/12 12:10am

Berman Got Back: Your Home Run Derby Supercut, Featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot

Perhaps on advisement from his superiors, the very popular Chris Berman was noticeably restrained during last night's Home Run Derby. In fact, his "backbackback" catchphrase found limited use; Berman only uttered "back" 79 times. That's still plenty enough for us to have fun with, and so here's Berman taking a stab at the … » 7/10/12 2:50pm 7/10/12 2:50pm

Here's The Secret Jose Canseco Old Milwaukee Ads That Aired Last Night…

Old Milwaukee's made a name for itself in the advertising world by dropping oft-bizarre spots (often featuring actor Will Ferrell) and running them in one, usually small, television market. » 7/10/12 12:30pm 7/10/12 12:30pm

Chris Berman Is America's Most Popular Sports Broadcaster

When ESPN announced Chris Berman would be announcing an opening-week Monday Night Football, we groaned. We'd also assumed the nation hated Berman's hysterical Home Run Derby squawking as much as we did. It turns out America loves Chris Berman—here's proof. » 7/10/12 10:20am 7/10/12 10:20am

What Happens When ESPN Accidentally Allows Write-In Votes On A…

Open Facebook polls are one of the underrated treasures of the internet. Instead of being bound to the only "logical" or "possible" answers, ESPN allowed fans' imaginations to run wild. Asking who will win tonight's Home Run Derby, ESPN didn't limit voters to just eight boring choices—and lo, Josh Hamilton is currently… » 7/09/12 10:45am 7/09/12 10:45am

The New Best Place For A Home Run Derby: An Aircraft Carrier

This morning I lamented that our country is falling woefully behind in the "playing sports where sports aren't meant to be played" arms race. Several readers were quick to point out that I was wrong, and America continues to rock faces. Yesterday, the Class A South Atlantic League held the first round of their home run… » 6/19/12 1:15pm 6/19/12 1:15pm

Now Photographers Working The Home Run Derby Are Planking Too

We've tried to stay on top of this planking thing for you guys, because it's confusing and new and stressful. Last we dropped in on sports-based planking, some wealthy—but now unemployed—NBA stars got prone on ostentatious objects (Beamers, Benzes, or Bentleys, we cannot remember which). » 7/12/11 9:00pm 7/12/11 9:00pm