Homemade Infographic: Is The World Series Famous Enough For Dirk Nowitzki?

Maybe Major League Baseball is preventing Dirk Nozitzki from throwing out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers for some reason other than as a courtesy to NBA owners, an intersport extension of the basketball lockout. Maybe it really is that as they weighed "what makes sense for the team and a good broad-base… »10/19/11 5:58pm10/19/11 5:58pm

Homemade Infographic: Where Are ESPN's Naked Jocks Hiding And Tucking Their Bits?

The conceptual problem with ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue leads directly into the practical problem with it. Conceptually, as soon as you strip off the athletes' clothing to call more attention to their forms, you diminish the function that's supposed be integral to those forms, and you call attention to the mere… »10/07/11 8:15am10/07/11 8:15am

A Homemade Infographic To Help Explain Who Is Still Chasing The Pennant And Who Is Not

Adrian Beltre, who the Boston Red Sox decided not to keep around this year, hit three home runs this afternoon, carrying the Texas Rangers into the American League Championship Series. That's two more homers than any Red Sox third baseman hit in any game this year. Just one of those subtle statistical indicators that… »10/04/11 5:40pm10/04/11 5:40pm