When The Game Became The Game: An Afternoon With A Deranged, Piss-Smelling Vikings Fan (Me)

I was giving my eight-month-old baby a bath on Saturday night when I started to space out. In my head, I was giving Vikings QB Christian Ponder an imaginary pep talk. I was Leslie Frazier, only I was Leslie Frazier if Leslie Frazier were a goofy-looking white man. And I was in the film room with Ponder, getting right… »12/31/12 11:40am12/31/12 11:40am


Hawk Harrelson Went Silent For 63 Seconds After Jhonny Peralta's Walk-Off Home Run Beat The White Sox Last Night

The good folks at Awful Announcing have the video from the Tigers' walk-off win over Hawk's beloved White Sox last night. For 63 seconds (I counted) beginning moments before the ball goes over the wall, there is pure silence from the Chicago White Sox feed. The last thing we hear is the ball was hit deep into… »5/05/12 11:20am5/05/12 11:20am

John Calipari Overlooks That Louisville Is Also Located In Kentucky, TV Reporter Too Smitten With Him To Notice (CORRECTED)

The outrage in at least one corner of the Bluegrass State today has been over Calipari's comments, beginning at the two-minute mark, in which he seems deliberately not to mention UK's in-state rivalry with Louisville. cn|2 "reporter" Will Mapes, whose station's coverage area includes Louisville, doesn't seem to… »10/04/11 5:50pm10/04/11 5:50pm

Your Weekend Of Name Recitation And Breathless Speculation Hath Arrived!

Yes, ESPN's draft coverage is underway, four hours before the Dolphins shock the world by picking Jake Long. Now they're saying Chris Long is going to the Rams. Let's tip all the picks hours in advance. No reason to make it so people actually watch the draft. For those who stick around, choose between your drinking… »4/26/08 12:15pm4/26/08 12:15pm