Soccer Player Catches Idiot On The Field With A Flying Kick To The Face

Most sports fans already know that storming the field of play in anger is A) tacky; B) stupid; and C) dangerous. One particular Honduran fan, unconcerned with those realities, took the pitch wearing what looks like a Santa hat and was dealt a swift, acrobatic kick to the face by a player.
»5/12/15 10:52am5/12/15 10:52am

France Score Thanks To First Important Use Of Goal-Line Technology

France made quick work of Honduras today, mostly thanks to a first half foul in the box that resulted in a French penalty and a second yellow for Honduras's Wilson Palacios. The game was put out of reach in the 48th minute when Karim Benzema's shot caromed off the post, deflected off the goalkeeper's arm, and rolled… »6/15/14 5:36pm6/15/14 5:36pm

Honduras Don't Stand A Chance, But They Won't Play Like It

Calling Honduras a minnow isn't fair. Sure, Honduras are likely to ultimately be outclassed and eliminated in the group stage. But the two Group E teams that advance after playing the Central American side won't be leaving the experience behind them in the knockout stages. They'll have been pushed to the edge and… »6/06/14 5:59pm6/06/14 5:59pm