Steelers Safety Ryan Clark Made A Good Point About Hypocritical Steelers Fans

If there's one thing we learned while sifting through the assorted vitriolic, typo-ridden responses to the Why Your Team Sucks series, it's that many fans have no perspective when it comes to their favorite teams and players. Morals go out the window ("He basically paid his debt to society!"), logical fallacies become… »1/05/13 12:10pm1/05/13 12:10pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Fans The Finger, Denies Giving Fans The Finger (Video)

The Real Madrid star at least was honest last week, when he expressed why he feels opposing fans heckle him, thus reinforcing those fans' notion of him as an arrogant prick. Here, he shows his appreciation for all the love, though he later was less than forthright by lamely trying to explain it away as mere clowning… »9/21/11 12:10pm9/21/11 12:10pm