Sources: Some Jaguars Players Got Beat Up In London After Sunday's Game

We don't have any names, but we do have two stories from two different sources, probably about the same group of players. In either case, the story ends with the players losing a fight and going to the hospital. The fight involves either women and hotel security, or nine men with brass knuckles, depending on whom you… »10/30/13 3:19pm10/30/13 3:19pm


Scottish Soccer Player Admits To Booze-And-Hooker-Fueled Bender

It was about a month ago when Paul Slane, once a rising star in the Scottish Premier League and a member of Celtic, tweeted out some salacious photos of himself getting, uh, "friendly" with two women (NSFW picture after the jump). This came shortly after Slane suffered a series of debilitating injuries and was was… »4/24/13 12:25pm4/24/13 12:25pm

Which NFL Exec Was Screwing Hookers? Let's Hear Your Guesses!

Anna Gristina, a New York madam who is currently serving a five-year probation stint after being convicted of promoting prostitution, told the New York Post that she is planning to reveal the names of some of her bigger clients on an episode of Dr. Phil. What's more, Gristina claims that one of these clients is… »12/06/12 1:10pm12/06/12 1:10pm

French Soccer Stars Will Face Charges For Sexing 16-Year-Old Prostitute

Bayern's Franck Ribery and Real Madrid's Karim Benzema got into a spot of trouble in 2010, when a Paris prostitution ring was busted and their names popped up in a little black book. Even worse, it turned out they had paid for sex with then-16-year-old Zahia Dehar, who, in the players' defense, didn't tell them her… »8/14/12 1:10pm8/14/12 1:10pm