That Soccer Fan Who Punched A Horse Is Sorry He Punched A Horse

Everyone's favorite horse-punching soccer fan is really sorry about being such a horse-puncher. The man you see in the video above has been identified as 45-year-old Barry Rogerson, a Northumberland resident who claims that it was simply drunken panic that caused him punch Bud the police horse, not a violent… » 4/17/13 2:42pm 4/17/13 2:42pm

No, American Soccer Fans, This Is Not How You Do Hooliganism

Last night, league leaders FC Dallas hosted the Los Angeles Galaxy in MLS play. The home side bested the defending league champions in a dramatic 1-0 victory, with the deciding goal coming from a corner kick three minutes before the death. Defender George John charged down the ball, which had ricocheted off the… » 4/14/13 10:22am 4/14/13 10:22am

Some Irish Soccer Hooligans Just Couldn't Hold In Their Excitement

Every year, soccer clubs from Ireland and Northern Ireland meet in the Setanta Cup tournament to battle for local football supremacy. Sligo, the Irish side, won a 2-0 decision over Northern Ireland's Glentoran on Monday night, but the trouble started when the Glentoran fans headed back to their tour buses that had… » 3/08/12 1:00am 3/08/12 1:00am

A Molotov Cocktail Was Thrown During The Greece/Croatia Euro Qualifying…

"Greece took pole position for Euro 2012 qualification in Group F by beating Croatia 2-0 thanks to two second‑half goals. ... The game burst into life in the second half after a first 45 minutes that was marred by crowd trouble early on. Play was stopped after just two minutes when Greek and Croatian fans threw… » 10/09/11 2:30pm 10/09/11 2:30pm

After Hooligan Runs On Pitch And Punches Goalie, Hooligan's Parents…

Ever since their 18-year-old son stormed the pitch during a Malmö and Helsingborg match Tuesday because he was "pissed off" enough to attack goalkeeper Pär Hansson, a pair of Swedish parents have fielded quite a few threats. So, they wrote an open letter to the local paper. Their message? » 5/26/11 11:15pm 5/26/11 11:15pm