Ted Cruz Desecrates Classic Movie Scene By Calling Hoop a "Basketball Ring"

While stumping in Indiana tonight, Ted Cruz attempted to recreate a classic scene from Hoosiers in the very same gym in which part of the movie (thought not this particular scene) was filmed. In the process, Ted Cruz managed to both alienate humans everywhere and ruin a beloved, classic film. In other words, just…

A Conservative Estimate Says That The Average Indiana University Basketball Player Is Owed Around $156,000 For This Season

People that want to preserve amateur athletics often say that student-athletes are compensated, contrary to appearances, because just about everyone on a top tier sports team is getting an education on an athletic scholarship (even the kids at Harvard, these days). If they get a free ride, isn't that enough? Not quite.

Watch The Final Minutes Of The Game That Inspired Hoosiers, Real-Life Jimmy Chitwood Interview

The Indiana High School Athletic Association recently made this rare footage of the final minutes of the 1954 State Championship game that inspired the classic film Hoosiers available—though you'll have to go to IHSAA's site to see the final seconds. Milan High, with an enrollment of 162 students, defeated Muncie…

An Advanced Statistical Analysis Of Jimmy Chitwood's Basketball Performance In Hoosiers

This is Regressing, a numbers-minded column by our clever friends at the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective. Over the next few days, they'll be applying rigorous statistical analysis to some of the finest basketball movies in the history of cinema (and also Hoosiers). Today: Calculating Jimmy Chitwood's value.