Hooters Responds, Will Throw Free Party For Middle School Football Team

Yesterday, we wrote about Corbett Middle School's football team, and specifically, head coach Randall Burbach's failed crusade to have his team's end of season awards dinner at the Hooters in Jantzen Beach, Oregon.We wrote about a man fighting for the rights of 12-year-old boys to gawk, unabashed, unrelenting, at… »11/06/13 11:13am11/06/13 11:13am

Dan Snyder And Mike Shanahan Fly To Waco, Immediately Go To Hooters

Today is Baylor's pro day, when Robert Griffin III (and some saps who aren't RGIII) will showcase their wares for any scouts who want to come watch. The Colts will be there, just doing their due diligence. But this is really for the Redskins, who'll likely have Griffin with the second pick, and they'd like to see what… »3/21/12 9:30am3/21/12 9:30am

The Atletico Junior Owl Is Gone, But His Memory Soars With Us Siempre

When owls die, they usually die peacefully, like round-headed noble angels. Except this owl, which miraculously withstood being pelted by a soccer ball, then a cleat to the torso, before it finally died on a cold gurney surrounded by men in scrubs frantically yanking on its wings. We say farewell. You should, too,… »3/01/11 8:25pm3/01/11 8:25pm

Soccer Player Who Killed Fluffy, Defenseless Owl May Get Jail Time

Luis Moreno, the defender for Deportivo Pereira of Colombia's Primara A who kicked an opposing club's pet owl off the field on Sunday, could get up to three months of jail time for the incident. The owl was treated for traumatic stress at Zoosalud veterinary clinic in Barranquilla, Colombia, but died early this… »3/01/11 5:00pm3/01/11 5:00pm

Here's A Soccer Player Kicking A Defenseless Fluffy Owl In The Face

This is a clip from a Sunday match between Junior Barranquilla and Deportivo Pereira of Colombia's Primara A. The owl, which is apparently Junior's club pet, made it on to the field in the middle of play and Pereira defender Luis Moreno swiftly booted it three meters off the field. Moreno hasn't been charged yet or… »2/28/11 11:00am2/28/11 11:00am

Will John Daly's Drunken Antics Result in His Beloved Hooters Firing Him?

Last week, John Daly denied initial reports that he had drank himself into a catatonic state at a local Hooters in North Carolina, using the excuse that "he sleeps with his eyes open" and a worried bus driver merely overreacted. After his time in the drunk tank, Daly spoke with »11/06/08 5:45pm11/06/08 5:45pm about the incident, but seemed…

Possibly The Most Disturbing Baseball Hazing Photo You'll Ever See

This baseball hazing thing officially went too far on Wednesday, when San Diego Padres rookies were forced to dress as Hooters waitresses; with one there on the right completing the ensemble with fake breasts. God, I hope those are fake. Won't somebody think of the children??! So can anyone provide names here?… »9/18/08 2:00pm9/18/08 2:00pm