The Coach Of The Junior Pee Wee Red Cobras Has Been Suspended After Allegations Of A Pop Warner Football Bounty Program

Kids—10- and 11-year-old kids—allegedly getting paid for whatever the Pop Warner equivalent of knockouts and cart-offs are. Yeah. "Kill the head and the body will grow up feeble and addled." The going rate for successfully concussing a tween? Between $20 and $50. Christ, society. »9/28/12 3:50pm9/28/12 3:50pm

German Soccer Fans Serenade Israeli Player With "Racist Insults And Nazi Salutes"

"[Kaiserslautern striker Itay Shechter] was subjected to a verbal racist attack while training with his German league club on Sunday, when a group of between five and 10 fans in a crowd of at least 100 chanted anti-Semitic slogans. They also gave the Nazi salute, which is banned in Germany. »2/28/12 10:20pm2/28/12 10:20pm

Phil Morris Now Knows It's Wrong To Bring Up Concentration Camps At Jewish League Soccer Matches

"A Manchester FA official has been suspended after being found guilty of making a vile comment about the Holocaust before a Jewish league match. Phil Morris – a referee appointments secretary – was disciplined by an FA panel after telling a ref who was due to oversee the Jewish league game: 'Tell them to remember the… »2/14/12 11:15pm2/14/12 11:15pm

When Awkward T-Shirt Selection Makes A Child-Porn Mugshot Even Creepier

"The Streetsboro (Ohio) Police Department announced Monday that a man was arrested for child pornography. David Peters, 66, was indicted on 20 counts of possessing sexually oriented material involving a minor and 20 counts of disseminating sexually oriented material involving a minor. ... He was arrested at his home… »1/17/12 10:30pm1/17/12 10:30pm

Australian Swimmer Tries To Cover Up Skateboarding Injury With False Hit-And-Run Claim, Fails

"Olympic swimmer Kenrick Monk has tearfully admitted to inventing a story about being the victim of a deliberate hit-and-run car incident. In a blow to his chances of representing his country again, Monk, 23, revealed he had broken two bones in his elbow while skateboarding on Wednesday. At the time he told media he… »10/01/11 5:15pm10/01/11 5:15pm

Poll: 54 Percent Of Washington D.C. Sports Fans Disapprove Of Daniel Snyder

"Twenty seasons after the Redskins won their last Super Bowl, just more than half of area sports fans say they view the team favorably. But more than a third have negative feelings about the hometown football team, according to a new Washington Post poll, and fans hold even stronger negative views about its owner,… »9/18/11 12:00pm9/18/11 12:00pm

Before Losing The U.S. Open Finals, Serena Williams Told The Umpire She Was An Unattractive Hater

Wow. Before Serena Williams got done wasting 73 minutes of everybody's time in losing the U.S. Open 6-2, 6-3 today, she made sure to tear into the chair umpire for a whole bunch of things related, and not related, to being issued a court violation for yelling at the opposition. Poor thing. »9/11/11 7:06pm9/11/11 7:06pm