The Final Girls Is The Nadir Of Meta-Horror, Which Is The Nadir Of Real Horror

If you’re a horror fan, you’ve noticed that every few months, there’s a new entry in the genre that’s explicitly marketed to non-fans, with blogs and critics hyping “your new favorite horror film” and granting best-since-whatever status to a certain kind of movie. Think titles like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil or the glut… »11/05/15 4:37pm11/05/15 4:37pm


I Watched B-Movie TV For 24 Hours Straight And Didn't Survive

There comes a point in any 24-hour movie marathon when you’re bleary-eyed, you reek of jet-black coffee and unnatural foodstuffs, and you’re dreaming of nothing more than a hot shower and the soft embrace of a down comforter. You’re thinking to yourself, “Why the hell did I do this?” And you have no answer. »10/30/15 4:17pm10/30/15 4:17pm

Goodnight Mommy Is Effortlessly Disturbing

Goodnight Mommy is uneven, and in this case that’s a good thing. The movie is a long stretch of quiet, bucolic landscapes and indoor-voice family squabbles, punctuated by a hard left turn into ultraviolence. The transition from psychological to physical horror is so abrupt, the shock of its mere existence is stronger… »9/24/15 4:40pm9/24/15 4:40pm

Hooray For Sinister, A Horror Movie That's Actually Good

For a genre that remains a Hollywood staple, horror doesn't get much respect. If a film isn't screened in advance for critics, it's usually a horror movie. Although they dominate Halloween, they're also the movies that get dumped at the deadest corners of the release calendar: January and late August/early September.… »10/11/12 6:15pm10/11/12 6:15pm

Do You Like Self-Conscious Scary Movies? The Cabin In The Woods, Reviewed.

Sixteen years ago, I saw Scream for the first time. I loved it. Not only was it funny and smart, it felt like a game-changer: a movie that exploded all the conventions of its genre while at the same time being a really good example of its genre. By pointing out all the clichés of horror movies, Scream rewrote the… »4/10/12 2:40pm4/10/12 2:40pm

Silent House And The Rise Of The Gimmicky Horror Movie

On Friday, the horror movie Silent House comes out. One of its selling points is that it stars Elizabeth Olsen—who was terrific last year in a very different sort of horror film, Martha Marcy May Marlene—but probably the hook that will be most intriguing to genre fans is that the whole movie takes place in real time,… »3/08/12 12:32pm3/08/12 12:32pm