Giants Opening Day Features Madison Bumgarner Riding A Horse Onfield

The Giants opened their home schedule in San Francisco today, which meant the World Champions held the appropriate ceremony to raise the World Series banner. That ceremony also featured World Series MVP and post-mensch Madison Bumgarner riding a horse, in the outfield, before the game. »4/13/15 4:39pm4/13/15 4:39pm

Eric Berry Explains Everything You Wanted To Know About His Fear Of Horses

After discussing the excessive celebration penalty that the Chiefs were flagged for on Monday Night Football—you know, for celebrating the touchdown that never officially happened—Kansas City safety Eric Berry took a moment to explain to reporters everything there is to know about his longtime case of equinophobia,… »11/14/12 10:45pm11/14/12 10:45pm

As If Being Arrested For DUI While Riding A Horse Weren't Bad Enough, The Cops Found His Moonshine

Lexington, Kentucky. Home to basketball, bluegrass, bourbon, and—strangely—the best Cuban sandwich I've ever eaten. It's also home to horses, some of which are people's modes of transportation. When a man found himself running afoul of Johnny Law while atop his steed, it seems that makes it a story worthy of leading… »9/19/12 9:00am9/19/12 9:00am

Horse Goes Nuts During Equestrian Portion Of Modern Pentathlon, Turns It Into Wild Bronco Rodeo Competition

We told you yesterday about the weird event of modern pentathlon, one discipline of which is show jumping with an "unfamiliar horse." It seems the horses aren't always fond of their unfamiliar riders, as steed Shearwater Oscar went nuts at the beginning of his run with Korean rider Hwang Woojin, bucking the… »8/11/12 12:22pm8/11/12 12:22pm

This Is, We Think, The First Olympian To Poop During His Event

Mystery Whisper finished a disappointing 23rd during this morning's show jumping finals. (And I guess the guy on his back did too, but it's sort of screwed up that the horses don't even receive medals, so we're going to start ignoring the riders.) It might have been a case of the nerves, as the 12-year-old dropped a… »7/31/12 4:35pm7/31/12 4:35pm