Vengeful Hot Dog Sends Young Pitcher Into Surgery After Contest

Happy birthday, America, and try not to kill yourself today. We knew the inherent dangers of errant fireworks and binge drinking, two hallmarks of this annual birthday rite. Now we learn this week that another summer tradition — the hot-dog chugging race — can also result in near-death experiences, if not outright… » 7/04/13 11:37am 7/04/13 11:37am

CNN Sports Guy Asks News Anchor How Many Hot Dogs She Can Eat, Is…

When CNN ditched Sports Illustrated as its in-house sports arm and instead went to new acquisition Bleacher Report last month, we were alarmed. After all, SI has decades of work attesting to its journalistic pedigree while b/r has this. We expected Bleacher Report to quickly drag CNN down to its "cesspool." » 3/01/13 10:40am 3/01/13 10:40am

Takeru Kobayashi Eating Hot Dogs In Slow Motion Is Just As Gross As…

This video comes to us courtesy of Animal New York, and it features Takeru Kobayashi, everyone's favorite eater in exile, wolfing down 12 hot dogs in 60 seconds. In slow motion. It's pretty gross. Although we must admit that the musical score does add a certain artistic flair. » 12/18/12 12:45pm 12/18/12 12:45pm

Mark Grace, Daisy Dukes, The Meat Sweats And A Middle Finger: Just…

So, as many of us now know, the Texas Rangers have some absurd hot dog that costs close to $30. It's a testament to the American spirit and Texas in particular. The bigger the better. It's also perfect "human interest" fodder for visiting team crews to discuss when they roll in to town. » 6/16/12 12:20pm 6/16/12 12:20pm

Here's What $78 Worth Of Hot Dogs Looks Like

We wrote a few weeks ago about the Texas Rangers' $26 hot dogs, and the ESPN crew decided to order a few up to the booth during last night's broadcast. If all three of those were consumed in their entirety, I have to imagine the pressbox was a pretty miserable place to be by the end of the ballgame. » 4/09/12 9:00am 4/09/12 9:00am

Dubstep Nolan Ryan Wants To Look At That "Tremendous Wiener"

After public outcry and questioning regarding the Texas Rangers' plan to sell a $26 hot dog this season, team owner/president Nolan Ryan took to the Galloway & Company program on KESN-FM 103.3 in Dallas to profess his own curiosity about the behemoth frankfurter. He spoke about it in such a particular manner that we… » 3/24/12 4:17pm 3/24/12 4:17pm

Gluttony Among The Colonists: Deadspin's British Foreign Correspondent…

America smells heavily of sweat. Sweat and old takeout—a lingering, clotted odor, a hybrid of a gas leak and authentic home cooking. This is my first time smelling or seeing the country. I arrived three days ago, Heathrow to JFK, having never crossed the Atlantic before. Now after a long and hot subway ride, I'm at… » 7/05/11 6:30pm 7/05/11 6:30pm