The Mystery Team Wins: Prince Fielder Signs With The Tigers

Just five days ago, GM Dave Dombrowski said Prince Fielder was "probably not a good fit" in Detroit. That was after C/DH Victor Martinez went down for the year, but with 1B/3B/DH Miguel Cabrera still under contract through 2015. That's a logjam of immovable objects, though the Tigers have indicated Fielder will play… » 1/24/12 3:40pm 1/24/12 3:40pm

The Hot Stove Was Born 125 Years Today, And Other Exciting Hot Stove…

Your roundup of all the hottest hot-stove items of the day (and whatever shit Ken Rosenthal is throwing against the wall). This is ... HOT FUCKING STOVE!!! » 11/15/11 7:41pm 11/15/11 7:41pm

It's Springtime In Dallas

We, honestly, have been too focused on Facebook photos (or, as we like to call it, "sports blogging at its finest") and Anna Benson's right to devour lovable animals to hammer this as much as we'd like, but let us make clear: For baseball fans, this is a tremendously fun time to be a fan. (Even if the goddamn… » 12/07/05 4:43pm 12/07/05 4:43pm