Check Out The Cool Things Qatar's Slaves Will Build For The World Cup!

We could rightly be accused of focusing almost exclusively on the negatives coming from the corrupt, morally-deplorable, slavery-fueled, death-riddled, yet inevitable 2022 World Cup set to be hosted in Qatar, so let’s take a change of tack today. Instead of worrying about that nasty business, let’s appreciate the… »5/14/15 12:56pm5/14/15 12:56pm


John Sterling Can't Stop Walking Around The Hotel Lobby In His Bathrobe

The Yankees are staying at the Westin in downtown Detroit for their four-game series with the Tigers, and one guest was kind enough to send along this photo of radio announcer John Sterling strolling the immaculate Westin lobby in sneakers and a robe. He's "been doing this for 2 days in a row so it's not rare,"… »8/08/12 6:35pm8/08/12 6:35pm