Deadcast: Is Britt McHenry The Perfect Villain?

Given the fact that the Problem Internet can find a way to turn virtually any piece of news into a low-grade Kenyon College term paper, I found myself surprised this week that there was no hot taker out there willing to defend ESPN reporter and Sweet Valley High character Britt McHenry. I figured Slate would… » 4/22/15 2:51pm Wednesday 2:51pm

Our Very Own Drew Magary Is A Contestant On Chopped Tonight

Longtime readers may recall that your friend and mine Drew Magary applied to be an amateur contestant on Chopped, the Food Network’s allegedly very popular cooking show, back in July 2012. Well, he made it on, and the episode airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST. (He is one of the four people to the left.) I can promise you… » 4/07/15 5:11pm 4/07/15 5:11pm