Which Sports Leagues Care If You Call Someone A "Fucking Faggot?"

This here's Colin Clark, a midfielder for the Houston Dynamo. On Friday, Clark was frustrated with a ball boy for not giving him a new ball fast enough. Picked up by the onfield microphones, everyone watching the nationally televised game heard Clark call the ball boy a "fucking faggot." It immediately became a thing,… » 3/28/12 3:00pm 3/28/12 3:00pm

Houston Dynamo's Colin Clark Calls Ball Boy A "Fuckin' Faggot," Offers…

As noted earlier today on Dirty Tackle, Houston Dynamo winger Colin Clark is under fire for blowing up on a ball boy early in last night's match in Seattle. His apology (through Twitter) was of the typical "I didn't mean to disrespect anyone" variety and suggests Clark hasn't been exposed to those ubiquitous NBA "Don't… » 3/24/12 6:12pm 3/24/12 6:12pm

Houston Dynamo Players Arrested After Fight With Off-Duty Cop Say…

Houston Dynamo players Tyler Deric and Warren Creavalle were arrested this weekend after a dust-up with an off-duty cop working security at a bar. From Deric's attorney: "Mr. Deric was with other soccer players, some who were African-Americans. The club did not want them coming in . . . He's not guilty of assaulting… » 2/08/12 2:20pm 2/08/12 2:20pm

And Now A Nice Photo Of A Man Getting Kicked In The Face

No, it's not Champions League, but it is a good way to show off the WSJ's outstanding "Sports Snapshot" photo blog-a-majig. Amazingly, the man getting kicked in the head is Houston Dynamo forward Brian Ching who used that very same dented dome to score a goal later in the game. » 5/27/09 7:30pm 5/27/09 7:30pm