Found: Ole Miss Hat Girl Is Hanna Nutt, Coach's Daughter

Ryan, one of our readers, had been captivated by the Girl In The Hat while watching BYU-Ole Miss the other day—so much so that he asked us to assemble the I-Team to learn her identity. And last night, we went to work. » 9/07/11 7:00pm 9/07/11 7:00pm

Seriously, Arkansas Fans Are Insane

We're not sure the true historic nature of what's going on at the University of Arkansas is being adequately appreciated. Basically, a bunch of ticked-off message board fans are doing everything they can to take down the athletic department of their university ... and they're doing a damned good job of it. » 4/25/07 4:45pm 4/25/07 4:45pm

Razorbacks Fans Are Terrifying

So you know the crazed Razorbacks message board fan who went through the impressive measure of FOIAing coach Houston Nutt's cellphone records, discovering that he had been text-messaging a local female reporter? Well, his quest to rid Arkansas of Nutt is not over; as you can see in this video, he's now accosting…

» 4/12/07 5:45pm 4/12/07 5:45pm

Wild Times In Fayetteville

So you know last week, when all that information about Arkansas coach Houston Nutt came out thanks to a resourceful fan? Well, even though national media has been strangely loathe to report on it — "Only WE can file federal FOIAs!" — the news has apparently made it back to the Nutt home, because Diana Nutt, the coach's… » 4/12/07 1:45pm 4/12/07 1:45pm