Tuffy Rhodes Catches Olajuwon-Signed Ball, Gives It To Little Kid

Remember Tuffy Rhodes? You probably don't remember Tuffy Rhodes. He's the former Cubs center fielder who hit three home runs off Doc Gooden on Opening Day in 1994 before flaming out and heading off to play baseball in Japan, where he became one of the best power hitters in the league and tied Sadaharu Oh's… » 3/28/14 3:06pm 3/28/14 3:06pm

James Harden's Tomahawk Dunk Gets Animated

James Harden had himself a nice weekend. Yesterday, he went for 41 in an overtime victory against the Blazers, and on Friday he threw down this outstanding tomahawk dunk against the Pacers. His reaction was the icing on the cake. Enjoy the whole sequence, animated. » 3/10/14 12:21pm 3/10/14 12:21pm

Dwight Howard Blocks Little Kid; Little Kid Schools Dwight Howard

If you're a small child and you want to go one-on-one with Dwight Howard, now seems to be the time to strike. Previously, we saw him dunk on and block the crap out of a small Wizards fan, and now we have him taking on a pint-sized Kings fan. But this game comes with a surprise ending. » 2/26/14 9:37am 2/26/14 9:37am

ESPN Anchor Apologizes After "Lin Is Cooking With Peanut Oil" Joke

Remember when ESPN suspended Max Bretos for a month because he used a common colloquialism that, in the context of Jeremy Lin, seemed racist? Remember when media people saying racially obtuse things about Jeremy Lin was a thing? Lin's having a good game tonight against the Knicks, which means we're due for some good… » 11/14/13 10:28pm 11/14/13 10:28pm

James Harden Really Didn't Feel Like Playing Defense Again Last Night

James Harden scored 35 points, grabbed nine rebounds, and dished out five assists in the Rockets' one-point loss to the Lakers. On Monday, Harden played defense like a hungover rec-leaguer. This time, he progressed all the way to indifferent spectator. It's the type of skill that just doesn't show up on a stat sheet. » 11/08/13 1:30pm 11/08/13 1:30pm

James Harden Really Didn't Feel Like Playing Defense Last Night

The Houston Rockets surrendered 137 points to the Los Angeles Clippers last night. The Clippers' high-powered offense is mostly responsible for that staggering point total, but it's also very hard to stop teams from scoring when your shooting guard is playing perimeter defense like this. » 11/05/13 10:45am 11/05/13 10:45am

NBC Affiliates File Bankruptcy Petition For CSN Houston; Astros Pissed

The Astros are the largest owners of CSN Houston at a little over 46 percent. The Rockets own 31 percent and the remaining 22-ish percent is probably owned by the Dos Equis guy because he had to foul up at some point belongs to NBC Universal. NBC Universal just filed a petition to begin an involuntary Chapter 11… » 9/28/13 10:44am 9/28/13 10:44am