High School Students In New England Face Suspension From Team Activity For Racist Joel Ward Tweets

After Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals eliminated the Boston Bruins from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we showed you the racist underbelly of Twitter as users strained to find new and interesting ways to insult a black man. Not only were those users exposed as the knuckle dragging neanderthals they are, but some are… »5/05/12 7:06pm5/05/12 7:06pm


Here's How Racists On Twitter Reacted to Joel Ward's Series-Winning Goal Against Boston

Joel Ward is a light-scoring winger for the Capitals, who was in the right place and the right time to put home the overtime series-winner to send Washington past Boston in game 7. Completely unrelated, for most of us, is that Ward's parents were Barbadian immigrants to Toronto. So there were a good number of viewers… »4/26/12 10:50am4/26/12 10:50am