FBI Docs: How George Steinbrenner Helped Kill Off Baseball's Last Real Commissioner

On July 30, 1990, MLB commissioner Fay Vincent "banned" George Steinbrenner from baseball and brought a close to one of the more sordid chapters in the sport's history. Steinbrenner had paid $40,000 to Howie Spira, a Bronx gambler with mafia ties, for dirt on Yankees outfielder Dave Winfield, with whom Steinbrenner… »2/28/12 10:23am2/28/12 10:23am


FBI Docs: The Story Of The 6-Foot-8 Redneck Ex-Con Who Terrorized George Steinbrenner With Jet Skis

Ah, Tampa. The balmy breeze. The sandy white beaches of acceptable granularity. The lingering fury of the most dyspeptic owner in baseball history. I speak, of course, of George Steinbrenner. Welcome back for another edition of "The Boss Files," our document-driven retrospective of Steinbrenner's life in Tampa in the… »1/26/12 10:06am1/26/12 10:06am

FBI Docs: How George Steinbrenner Made An Ass Of The FBI Director

The year was 1989. A group of luminaries had gathered to schmooze aboard the USS Intrepid, the World War II-era aircraft carrier on the west side of Manhattan. Among them: Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and then-FBI director William Sessions. The two men couldn't have been more dissimilar. Steinbrenner was a… »1/04/12 8:11pm1/04/12 8:11pm

FBI Docs: The Sad Story Of The FBI Agent Who Was Ordered To Unclog George Steinbrenner's Toilet

On Thursday, we described the FBI's internal investigation into Steinbrenner's curiously close relationship with the bureau's Tampa field office. We will now commence with the presentation of amusements and oddities found in the nearly 700 pages of new Steinbrenner records the FBI turned over to us. »12/23/11 2:15pm12/23/11 2:15pm

FBI Docs: George Steinbrenner Thought The FBI Was The "Nearest Thing To Perfection"

When we published my October profile of Howie Spira, the gambler who tangled with George Steinbrenner and wound up in prison, I knew the story wasn't over. In the course of my reporting, I'd submitted a few Freedom of Information Act requests to the FBI. These things can take a while for the federales to process. Lots… »12/22/11 5:25pm12/22/11 5:25pm

Coming Tomorrow: The (Mostly) True Story Of The Guy Who Got George Steinbrenner Banned From Baseball

Remember Howie Spira? He sold dirt on Dave Winfield, extorted George Steinbrenner, and got the Yankees owner banned from baseball. The mob wanted to kill Spira. The FBI kept him alive. Now, almost 30 years later, Spira has given us the full story about his role in one of the most shameful events in Yankees history,… »10/25/11 8:00am10/25/11 8:00am