Living The #HartfordLife: A Tribute To Fired ESPNer Hugh Douglas

After he was hired by ESPN to be a studio analyst, former Philadelphia Eagle Hugh Douglas moved to Hartford, Conn., to be closer to ESPN's Bristol compound. Moving from Philadelphia to Hartford was a bit of a culture shock for Douglas, and he used his Twitter account to constantly update his followers on how he was… »8/13/13 3:49pm8/13/13 3:49pm

ESPN Fight: Hugh Douglas Called Colleague Michael Smith "Uncle Tom"

Last Thursday, at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair, Hugh Douglas, the former Eagle and current NFL analyst for ESPN, was very drunk. A day later he would be both drunk and combative, and, as The Big Lead first reported, he and an ESPN colleague would nearly come to blows. But… »8/06/13 1:06pm8/06/13 1:06pm

Hugh Douglas Is Transitioning Nicely Into His Life As A Sports Pundit

You probably remember Hugh Douglas from his playing days with the Philadelphia Eagles and that one time he tried to beat up Terrell Owens. Now retired, Douglas is working as one of ESPN's many NFL analysts, and last night he went through one of the most sacred rites of passage in sports media: He attended a Bruce… »10/26/12 9:35am10/26/12 9:35am

Did Visanthe Shiancoe Flash On Purpose? One Ex-NFLer Thinks It's Possible

Regardless of what Visanthe Shiancoe told Minnesota gossip columnist "CJ" after he found out his dangling member was revealed to the world, Shiancoe's agent, Tony Agnone, says the Vikings tight end was "sorry it got on television." The damage-controlling Agnone also said Shiancoe's greatest concern is for "the young… »12/09/08 4:30pm12/09/08 4:30pm