Royals Teammate Was Probably Just Trying To Tell Bruce Chen He Had Something In His Eyes

During the Kansas City Royals 5-3 loss to the Pirates on Saturday Bruce Chen, who, interestingly enough, happens to be of Chinese descent, was doing a silly little in-game interview in anticipation of his big time face-off with the Pirates and A.J. Burnett. Then Humberto Quintero, the Royals catcher, came along and… »6/10/12 9:52am6/10/12 9:52am

Prince Fielder Steals A Base, Doesn't Need Oxygen Afterward, Maybe

It's pretty obvious Royals lefty Jonathan Sanchez never thought Prince Fielder would bother to run, let alone actually make it to second, which is no doubt why Fielder figured he could take off on Sanchez's first move. And look at him go! It's actually the 17th stolen base of Fielder's career—he had exactly one with… »4/19/12 10:10am4/19/12 10:10am