Lynn Shelton Is The Next Great American Director

Can you believe that only two American women have ever been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Director category? Two. Awards are too often lazily used as some sort of actual shorthand barometer of quality and consensus—Jesus, people, Crash won, which should have eliminated that notion forever—but still: Two?… » 6/12/12 3:15pm 6/12/12 3:15pm

The Grand Valley State Mascot Really Loves His Job

OK, I've checked the rule book, and nowhere in there does it say that you can't hump the goalpost after your team has achieved an important first down. This round goes to you, Grand Valley State mascot. But someday your reign of Div. II goal post sexual assault will end. Mark my words. » 11/27/07 3:11pm 11/27/07 3:11pm