Olympic Gold Medalist Resigns As President Of Hungary For Plagiarizing His Dissertation On The Olympics

Pál Schmitt won gold medals in fencing at the 1968 and 1972 Olympics, and in 1992 wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Modern Olympiad. He stepped down as President today, after his alma mater stripped him of his degree after it came to light that he had plagiarized more than 90 percent of his dissertation. And if… »4/02/12 3:10pm4/02/12 3:10pm

Soccer Match's "Spontaneous Diarrhea" Stoppage Probably Just About Money

Five players from Hungarian side Kecskeméti TE bolted from the pitch in the 30th minute of a tie game, only to return a minute later. The official reason, as relayed to fans over the PA system: they all had to poo really badly. The more likely reason is that the players were protesting their unpaid wages. [… »10/20/11 11:15am10/20/11 11:15am